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Dragon Medical One : Frequently asked questions

Do I need a powerful computer to run Dragon Professional?

Dragon Professional Anywhere : No. All speech-to-text processing and adaptations are done "in the cloud", which means Dragon Professional Anywhere will run well on any compatible operating system, regardless of its hardware specifications. Dragon Professional Individual & Dragon Professional Group : Yes. The traditional style of software - such as Dragon Professional Individual and Dragon Professional Group does require significant RAM and processing power as all of the voice-to-text processing is performed on either the local client or server.

Do I need an internet connection to use Dragon Professional Anywhere?

Yes. Dragon Professional Anywhere is a cloud-based speech recognition solution and internet connectivity is required at all times for speech-to-text conversion and profile access.

Is Dragon Professional Apple Mac compatible?

Unfortunately, Nuance no longer produces any speech recognition products compatible with Apple Mac OS. Dragon Professional cannot run natively on macOS, it CAN still be used on macOS machines in one of the following ways:

  • VMWare or Parallels® – These applications run a Windows operating system “virtually” within macOS. Any version of Dragon can then be installed on this virtual OS and natively control other Windows applications. Dictated text can be copied across platforms into applications running on macOS if required. Dragon Medical One (DMO) is particularly well suited to this approach since it is very lightweight so that minimal resources need to be allocated to the Windows OS. Other Dragon versions (such as Dragon Professional & Dragon Legal) will also work this way, however, system resources must be considered. A Philips SpeechMike or other USB microphone can be used with this approach. Not suitable for DragonProfessional Individual.
Read more about Parallels®
Read more about VMWare
  • Windows Remote Desktop Service /Terminal Server or Citrix – If you connect to a Windows-based server, you can install some versions of Dragon on the server itself where it will be able to natively control other application on the server. PowerMic Mobile (only available for Dragon Medical One) is especially helpful here, as the server administrator may not otherwise allow the server to capture audio from a traditional microphone. This also relaxes the internet speed requirements, as high-definition audio need not be streamed to the server. Not suitable for Dragon Professional Individual
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  • Apple Boot Camp – This approach splits your Mac’s disk into two parts – one for macOS and one for Windows – allowing Windows applications like Dragon to be used as though your Mac were a Windows PC. Your macOS applications will not be available while running Windows, however, system resources are less of a concern as Windows will have access to all that is available. The virtual OS approach is still preferred where there are sufficient resources available to run both operating systems simultaneously.
Read more about Apple’s Boot Camp The VoiceX Support Team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and assist you with selecting the option that will best suit your needs and let you run Dragon Professional on your Mac hardware.

How many computers can I use Dragon Professional on?

Dragon Professional Anywhere : There is no limit to the number of workstations in which you can use Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition. You can install the lightweight Dragon Pro Anywhere client on as many compatible workstations and servers as you need. Dragon Professional Individual : Dragon Pro Individual can be activated a maximum of 4 times. Dragon Professional Group : There is no limit to the number of workstations in where you can use Dragon Professional Group. If using multiple computers / workstations it is recommed your Dragon Profile is stored on a central server and set to "Dragon Roaming Profile".

Do I need to carry my Dragon voice profile on a USB stick?

Dragon Professional Anywhere : No.With Dragon Professional Anywhere all author profile information, including your vocabulary, commands, settings and adaptations are stored in the cloud, so they are available wherever you are. Dragon Professional Individual : Yes. If you are moving between comptuers you will be required to manually import / export your Dragon Profile Dragon Professional Group : No...If you are connected to your server network and your Dragon Profile is set to "Roaming". If you are not connected to your server network you will be required to manually import / export your Dragon Profile

Is it hard to install Dragon Professional Anywhere? Do I need IT Support?

There is no typical software to install for Dragon Professional Anywhere - you just simply need to run a simple Dragon client that requires no administrative permissions to install. In rare cases, IT support may be required if your internal security block communication with Dragon Professional Anywhere servers.

Is my Dragon Professional Anywhere license/log-in transferable?

Yes. If you no longer wish to use Dragon Professional Anywhere, your license can be transferred to another user at no cost.

Can I trial Dragon Professional Anywhere in Australia?

Yes. You can register for an obligation free trial from VoiceX Communications - including a breif one-on-one training session to get you started. You can register for your free trial at www.voicex.com.au/dragon-professional-anywhere-trial-registration